Introduction      Sándor is the first luxury hair care brand to put sustainability at the forefront of every decision. Our purpose is to create responsibly, only putting into the world what can coexist with nature.

The Grounding Collection

The Grounding Collection      With a base of Organic Aloe Vera, The Grounding Collection deeply nourishes and hydrates without weighing down the hair’s natural texture. Organic Jojoba oil works as a natural sealant and prevents moisture loss. Calendula and Chamomile extracts calm and soothe, while Oat Amino Acids strengthen the hair shaft.

The Grounding Collection is scented with a signature blend of essential oils and plant-based resins to create a sensory experience that transports you to nature.

A time to reconnect.

The Grounding Shampoo
The Grounding Shampoo
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The Grounding Conditioner
The Grounding Conditioner
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The Grounding Collection
The products will be available in travel size soon

“This shampoo is so restorative - not only for my hair, which it so is, but also for me. It has this rich texture and vibrant, calming scent that centers me and creates a luxurious moment, no matter how crazy my day is. I shampoo two or three times a week and otherwise use the conditioner, and this combination is magic. Definitely recommended." - Danielle M.

"I used to use oil, primer and leave-in lotion before blow drying my hair. Now I don't use any products as I feel that the shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair hydrated without weighing it down at all. I even have the best volume and shine I've ever had! Thank you for these wonderful products." - Marianne S.

"Honestly, I was really positively surprised because I've been trying out a bunch of different all-natural hair products & they tend to either dry out my hair or I feel like it is not cleaning my hair properly, & when I tried out Sándor it didn't feel like that, not only did it smell nice but it also felt very nurturing for my hair! I really love the product, great packaging as well! - Robin V.H.

The Foundation of Healthy Hair      A healthy scalp is the result of gentle cleansing, soothing hydration and protection from the elements.

The scalp is a sensitive ecosystem which is why we designed our shampoo with a pH-value to match the scalp’s natural state.

“The shampoo is improving my sensitive scalp so much. Honestly, I have been trying every single product known to man for the last year to try to improve it, but Sándor is the only thing that seems to be doing something. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is.” - Isabella L.

Hydration and Radiance      Healthy hair is the result of deeply nourishing ingredients that strengthen, protect and give vitality to each strand.

Organic Aloe Vera’s combination of essential amino acids strengthens the hair and Jojoba oil creates a protective barrier for lasting hydration and radiance.

"It leaves your hair looking so shiny and smooth but you still have this grip and texture left to hold any style. My hair air dried so perfectly it didn't weigh down my natural hair at all." - Sarah A.J.


Sustainability      We’re working with U.S. based manufacturers to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Each bottle is shipped in a vessel of mycelium and agricultural waste that grows in a week and decomposes in about 45 days, so that no trace is left behind. Our 100% recycled shipping boxes are printed with bio-renewable algae ink and are sealed with paper tape to ensure our entire packaging is zero-waste and home-compostable.

Our ingredients are biodegradable to keep our waterways as clean as possible.

Sustainability We believe the world doesn’t need more plastic waste which is why we designed an aluminum bottle and cap that can be infinitely recycled and a reusable pump. With each shampoo and conditioner set, you save 3.4 oz (102 grams) of plastic from entering the world.

Developed by hair care professionals, we create formulas with meticulous attention to detail - selecting premium plant botanicals that nourish & help heal our bodies and the planet.


About      After years of working in fashion, hairstylist Sabrina Szinay had tried countless hair care products without finding one that merged excellent performance and sustainable packaging. This began her journey to create luxurious, effective and natural hair care. 

Sándor was established in 2019 when Sabrina teamed up with Taja Feistner. With Taja’s extensive background in sustainability, Sándor blazes trails with innovative materials and a zero-waste policy that closes-the-loop through recycling & biodegradability.

Our purpose is to create responsibly, only putting into the world what can coexist with nature.

Sándor is named after Sándor Szinay, Barber & grandfather of Sabrina Szinay.