Introduction      Sándor is the first luxury hair care brand to put sustainability at the forefront of every decision. Our purpose is to create responsibly, only putting into the world what can coexist with nature.

The Grounding Collection

The Grounding Collection      Our shampoo and conditioner are designed with a pH value to match your scalp’s natural state and a signature scent of sustainably-sourced essential oils. 

The herbal extracts soothe the most sensitive scalp and the sulfate-free formula cleanses with a gentle foam.  Organic Aloe Vera deeply hydrates, while Jojoba oil locks in moisture and gives shine without weighing down your hair’s natural texture.

The Grounding Shampoo
The Grounding Shampoo
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The Grounding Conditioner
The Grounding Conditioner
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The Grounding Collection
The products will be available in travel size soon


Sustainability      We’re working with U.S. based manufacturers to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. 

We designed a bottle made from 100% post-industrial aluminum scrap, which is infinitely recyclable, and our shipping packaging is home-compostable. 

Our ingredients are sourced sustainably and locally within North America and are 100% biodegradable to keep our waterways as clean as possible.


About      Sándor exists to carry on the legacy of Sándor Szinay, the grandfather of Sabrina Szinay. 

Sabrina is a third-generation hairstylist from Denmark who is based in New York City. While working with both celebrities and advertising clients, Sabrina has gained a broad knowledge of hair products after working in the industry for 14 years. 

Co-Founder, Taja Feistner has been studying Sustainability at Penn State University since 2016. She is helping Sándor blaze trails with innovative materials that ‘close-the-loop’ through recycling + biodegradability.